The Julie Morton School of Dancing


 It is very important that students are supervised when waiting for their class to commence, obviously with the exception of the senior students.


Children should not be allowed to run on the stairs or in the corridors and out of respect for children participating in the class, noise should be kept to a minimum.


Whilst we appreciate that some children come to class straight from school, please understand that teachers are not permitted to child mind children that have been dropped off to class more than 10 minutes early.


The staff need to set up the hall and prepare for class and it is unfair to leave them with children whilst they are preparing to teach.


If parents are late in picking up children we will ensure that the child will stay in the hall, sitting watching the following class.


If your child has an injury before starting the class please make the teacher aware of this for safety reasons!


The main door of the hall needs to be SHUT at all times for safety and also to keep the hall warm. We would be grateful if you could be considerate when entering and leaving the hall.